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Why Ingredients Matter

Clever marketing and elaborate packaging can lead us to believe something is of high quality and good for our health. Sometimes they are, but sadly that’s not always the case and it's important to check out the ingredients first.


For example, a powerful scent doesn't necessarily constitute good quality. In fact, many scents are powerful because they are loaded with harsh chemicals. It has been proven that many synthetic fragrances can contain phthalates, which are known to disrupt hormones and our endocrine system, so it is important to know how the products are fragranced.

We fragrance our products with essential oils. These plant derived ingredients not only contain no synthetic chemicals, have a gentler but great aroma and have many wellbeing benefits too.


Also many brands use paraffin wax, also can be known as mineral wax. This wax burns effectively but it's not necessarily efficient due to its quicker burn. Whereas plant wax burns cooler and slower and therefore lasts for longer.

So two candles the same size will last for different lengths of time depending on the materials they are made with, check out the burn times before you buy and make sure you really are getting value for money.

The Wax

More importantly, paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum and this environmental toxin can pollute the air with petro-carbon soot, irritating our lungs and allergies and is also known to be carcinogenic.

Small amounts of smoke and soot are natural parts of the burning process. In a candle, the wax is the fuel and the wick is the fuel delivery system.

With good quality natural wax and properly maintained candles, the soot and smoke will be minimal, and will not leave black residue behind.

Small excess smoke and soot are normal and evidence of an incomplete chemical reaction that could be caused by a variety of factors, some of which can be easily remedied by looking after your candle.

But heavy black soot is the solid particle which results from the incomplete combustion of carbon containing fuels like paraffin wax, polluting the air with petro-carbon soot.

At Yummy Home we use plant wax, a clean burning wax that contains no petro-carbon soot so you know the air you are breathing is not full of damaging pollutants.

Reeds & Room Sprays

When it comes to reed diffusers and room sprays, many brands use a petroleum or a glycol-based oil, which again releases toxic fumes into the air.

As mentioned above if the products are fragranced synthetically, they could contain harsh chemicals and on top of that they could be synthetically dyed, adding another layer of chemical exposure.

With many reed sticks being made from a form of plastic and synthetically coloured, you can see how all these elements mean the aroma being released could irritate allergies amongst the more serious concerns.

Our reed diffusers and room sprays use a natural soya bean base and are fragranced with essentials oils, naturally coloured and our reeds are made from natural rattan.

All our products are naturally coloured too.

So it is important to do a little brand research before you buy, to make sure you really are buying a quality product.