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The Purpose Behind Yummy Home

It took me some time to get comfortable with sharing my story and the reason why I created a range of natural, home fragrance products. I worried about scepticism and being judged.

I was just letting fear get in the way, after all it is scary being open and vulnerable to criticism. But actually, it wasn't about me, it was about the reason why I was drawn to create the range, how I wanted to raise awareness and how my story may help others. 

In 2010 my lovely Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and in 2011 I was diagnosed too. With the love of our family, excellent albeit challenging treatment, fantastic medical care and a positive attitude, Mum and I are blessed to be healthy and well today. We are still on medication and going for yearly check ups and I pray every day that we stay blessed.

We discovered that the cancer wasn't hereditary but could be linked to other lifestyle factors. Mum and I both lived healthy lifestyles so were pretty confused. But our Oncologist confirmed that there was growing evidence that environmental toxins were linked to cancer and it was the gradual build up of toxins that we use little by little and day by day that caused the danger.

He was curious as to why my kidney function was below normal. My head was spinning with recollections of contact dermatitis from the use of skincare products, the anaphylactic shock to continued use of hair dye, red skin and coughing when inhaling the fumes from cleaning products and incense.

Mum and I tried to eliminate as many toxins as possible, swapping to natural cleaning and beauty products. But as a home interiors enthusiast I was forever burning candles, using air fresheners and generally filling my home with scents. So when I discovered that many candle brands used waxes derived from petroleum that release harmful carcinogens and harsh chemical fragrances containing hormone disrupting phthalates, I realised a need for a range of home fragrance products that were made with natural ingredients and without harsh damaging chemicals.

So here I am today with a desire to raise awareness and help us live in beautifully scented homes, without breathing in harmful pollutants that can damage our health and the planet.

All Yummy Home products aim to be non-polluting and free from harsh chemicals. Made from plant bases and fragranced with pure unadulterated essential oils. Made in Britain from ethical sources, the range is also vegan friendly and cruelty free, whilst our minimal packaging is recyclable, simple and elegant. All our ingredients are listed on each product page and we offer full transparency.

A dear friend of mine passed from cancer last year after a long and painful battle, leaving two small boys, husband and family to live life without her. There are so many that don't survive, their bright light extinguished. 

My friend, my Mum and I will never know exactly why we got cancer but in my heart I know that the exposure to harsh chemical toxins could have played a part for me and Mum. Research suggests that at least a quarter of all breast cancer cases are preventable and by making cleaner lifestyle choices and eliminating toxins, we are on our way to being part of that prevention. 

Do some research of your own, look at the Soil Associations Terrible Ten, check out Breast Cancer UK's Ditch The Junk campaign, find brands that offer transparency and use safe ingredients, start making the change today.   

I really hope this article has helped you understand there is a need to eliminate as many unnecessary toxins from your life as possible and that if we make small little changes it can make a difference.

Take care of yourselves and thank you for hearing my story.

With love....Amina x