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Why Our Home is at The Core of Self Actualisation

Be it a room or a mansion, our home is more than just a place to reside. It's not only a place to keep our belongings, where we wash, where we sleep, where we cook and eat, but it is also where we belong, where we return to, where we can relax and have privacy, where there is love and where we can feel safe and centred.

Our home is so important to our daily lives both practically, physically, mentally and emotionally and can play a huge part in us reaching a state of fulfilment and peace in life. 

Abraham Maslow, a psychologist who studied positive human qualities, created the hierarchy of human needs, clearly confirming this. His theory is that to reach the pinnacle of self-actualisation comes from the hierarchy of needs being met and having a loving and safe home is at the core, offering a huge part in meeting these needs.



So let's take a closer look...

The foundational human need are 'Physiological' needs. The basic survival needs of water, food, warmth and sleep. Obviously having a home, plays a big part in meeting these foundational needs.

'Safety' is our next basic human need, providing us with security and certainty. Our home provides this by being the place from which we leave each morning and return to each night. Can you imagine what it must feel like to not be certain of where you are going to sleep at night? Feeling unsafe and on constant alert with a lack of permanency, the impact that this would have on your mental health and wellbeing!

Then we move on from the basic needs to 'Love/Belonging', the first of two psychological needs. Our social need to feel a sense of belonging, to have interpersonal relationships, to love and be loved. Our home offers us a place to build relationships with loved ones, friends and family. Moving into a home with your partner is built around love and is a place where you can raise your children. It's a safe place for us to form a better relationship with ourselves too. In my opinion our home is often a reflection of who we are and so we have a relationship with our home too. A home is not just a place, it's a place of love and belonging.

The second psychological need and fourth level is 'Esteem'. Esteem for our self covers freedom, independence, dignity, achievement, whilst we also desire reputation,  respect from others and recognition. Moving out from our parents home and into one of our own, is one of our first steps to real independence and owning a home, no matter how big or small, is a major life achievement for many. I know for me, having a home that I care for and cherish makes me feel dignified and we can feel so proud of being able to invite family and friends to our home.

The fifth and final need is that of 'Self Actualisation'. This is a need of self fulfillment and achieving one's full potential.

We can see that when the needs at the bottom of the pyramid are satisfied, it allows us to attend to the next need and move up the pyramid, to reach the top where we can be fulfilled and at peace.

This is not to say that every need must be met 100% but at a level that suits each individual. Every one of us is capable of reaching self actualisation and indeed, progress can be disrupted with differing life experiences. But having a home that we feel safe in, that we are proud of and that we love, can certainly help to offer stability and refuge from other experiences.

So, how can we make our home a place that helps us to reach self actualisation, a place that offers safety and love and allows us to reach our full potential?

1. Take a look at your home and assess where you can remove anything that isn't of benefit, that isn't safe. What needs to be repaired or upcycled? 

2. What needs to be given away? De-clutter and create more space, whilst clearing the energy of any unwanted items.

3. Have a good re-organisation and tidy up. Feel a sense of order and calm along with a sense of achievement and control.

4. Create clear and defined spaces to allow a better flow of energy and for you and your family to enjoy spending time in. Create a space where you can practice self growth, have quiet and reflective time, work spaces and spaces where you and your family can connect with one another and have fun.

5. Add comfort and ambience to your home with soft lighting, beautiful smells, soft blankets etc. 

At Yummy Home we aim to help create a safe space with non toxic and non polluting home fragrance products. To help create ambience with beautiful aroma and the soft flickering of a candle flame and to help create a sanctuary of calm and well being benefits with the use of essential oils.

We also support the homelessness charity 'Crisis' with a monthly donation because we want to help end homelessness and enable those in need of a home, to have a chance of reaching self fulfillment. 

Whatever the size and despite the circumstances, your home can be a sanctuary. It can be welcoming, comforting and calming. It can help you with fulfilling your basic human needs, your psychological needs and can help towards becoming the best version of yourself.

I hope this has offered you a different perspective or at least reminded you of how important our homes are.

With love...Amina x