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How to Fragrance Your Home Effectively

With candles, reed diffusers and room sprays in a variety of aromas to suit the mood you wish to create and the added wellbeing benefits…what’s not to love about home fragrance!

But we all want to get the best out of the products we invest in, so let’s take a look at what products work well for different spaces.

Constant Background Aroma for Smaller Spaces

For a constant background aroma, reed diffusers are the answer, working well in smaller spaces like toilets, bathrooms and entrance halls, offering a more subtle and soft smell.

There is nothing more inviting than walking into a hallway and being greeted with a gentle smell, it’s the first impression of the inside of your home and can immediately help set the mood. I’ve had customers say that walking into their home after a long day at work and being greeted with a beautiful smell, immediately helps them unwind and changes their psyche from busy work mode to home sweet home.

And of course, we all want our toilets and bathrooms to smell fresh and clean. Not only for the obvious reasons but bathrooms are very important spaces and act as our ‘home spa’. The bathroom is where we get ready for the day ahead and wash the day off. So, having a fresh and pleasant background aroma psychologically helps us start and end our day on a positive note.

It’s also important to be mindful as to where you place your container, near open windows will drag the scent out of the room and the pulling air will make the oil evaporate more quickly. Radiators and air vents will also pull the air more.

We recommend using our 100ml for smaller spaces like WC’s and small hallways and 200ml for bathrooms and larger hallways.

At Yummy Home we use a 100% natural soya bean base liquid, fragranced with plant essential oils and naturally coloured. Our reeds are made from natural rattan and are naturally coloured allowing for no synthetic chemicals. So not only will you get a great and long lasting aroma, but a safe one too.

Larger Spaces and Creating Ambience

Candles are the obvious choice, for creating a beautiful smell with added ambience. The soft glow and the gentle flickering of the flame alone can make you feel calm and cosy and with added benefits from the release of essential oils candles are perfect for enhancing your environment. 

Suitable for use in any space, they are really effective at creating a mood and scene. For at home dinner dates, setting the table, with some aromatic candles, dim lighting, soft music in the background can transform your home for entertaining and immediately invites guests into your space. People literally walk into your room smiling and feeling special.

Choose the correct scent for the room based on what you are trying to achieve. For example, lavender is the ideal scent for bedrooms due to its relaxing and sleep inducing properties. Juniper and pine are refreshing and cleansing so great for kitchens and bathrooms to help disperse created smells.

Light your candle approximately 30 minutes before you expect guests or are setting a scene to allow the aroma to start filling the space.

Not only do candles smell when lit, but also offer a ‘hot throw’ which means the smell lingers long after the flame is distinguished.

Its important to be realistic about the size of the space you are trying to scent and not expecting a small candle to fill a large room.

Larger living rooms will require a 3 wick candle or two 20cl candles. A 30cl or 20cl candle will work well with smaller living rooms and the average sized bedrooms.

Bathrooms and smaller kitchens will be filled easily with a 20cl and our 9cl votives are great little boosters to a larger candle or for very small spaces like a downstairs toilet.

All our candles are made with 100% plant wax and fragranced with essential oils, so you can enjoy your event with beautiful aroma and clean air. 

Instant Cover Up and Boost

Room Sprays are perfect for an instant burst of aroma and should always be at hand.

A great quick fix before the arrival of impromptu guests to freshen the air instantly.

It goes without saying that every toilet should have a room spray to hand to remove unwanted smells and clean the air.

Good for dispersing smells after cooking too.

Our room sprays are gentle enough to use as a mist to fragrance soft furnishings, leaving a subtle aroma. Do test a small area and spray from a distance to avoid any staining of delicate fabrics.

Use them as the final touch to your weekly house clean to allow the molecules to linger in the air and leave your home fresh smelling.

Most air freshener sprays are aerosol and full of chemicals. But our room sprays are formulated with 100% soya bean base and fragranced with plant essential oils giving a natural fresh smell. 

Elegant glass containers with simple labelling means you don’t need to hide them in a cupboard and can proudly display them for easy access and use.

Requiring very little care other than a gentle shake before use to reinvigorate the oils, room sprays are little hero’s.

A Little Extra Help

A final tip is to stop smells from spreading by opening windows when cooking and in the bathroom.

Then light your candle and contain the smell in each room by keeping doors closed, a small thing but it helps and will greet you with a beautiful aroma when you walk in to the room.

Follow these guidelines to scent your spaces in the most effective way...and enjoy! 

With love, Amina x