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Does Your Home Reflect Who You Are

I'm a natural homemaker, it's something that comes easy to me and that I love.

Growing up my Mum was very house proud (and still is) and my Dad too, he had the shiniest floor Mum had ever seen when they first met, so it's kind of in my DNA. Growing up our home was our retreat, was orderly but full of love and comfort and embodied the close knit, functional family that we still are today.

As a child I would turn the garden shed into a cosy home and create make believe homes for my Cindy dolls (showing my age by not being a Barbie!!). That love of home making has stayed with me, resulting in a career in property development and a interiors retail shop, before I created the Yummy Home home fragrance range.

So when I was styling my now home, I revelled in creating a space that appealed to me, filling it with things that I loved. I instinctively knew what would work and how I wanted my home to look and feel. I wanted a simple and timeless decor with a little bit of glamour, to have some unique pieces, things that had a story behind them, I wanted attention in the detail, a modern but classic home that was warm and comfortable whilst being orderly and precise.

But I never really put too much thought into the psychology of it. I just did what felt right and did so with enthusiasm and excitement to see it all pulled together.

However, the more my career evolved and the more homes I created, I realised how a home was a representation of who we are, a reflection of our personality, an extension of our being.

Over the years, when family and friends have visited, they've commented on elements of my home, the inviting feeling they get, the ambience and warmth, the little sparks of interest, the smell and sense of calm, the organisation and the's been called a little sanctuary. I've also had complaints that the lights are too dim, it can be too warm and people feel nervous to move lol!

All these freely given comments, really made me think about how I loved design, creativity and a touch of luxury (I am a Libran after all), my desire to do things my way and not following the crowd, my love of natural materials, family and comfort, my need for order. 

It made me think of how people have described me as a person and how my home incorporated elements of my personality. Including my slightly obsessive compulsive disorder and need for everything to be perfectly aligned, that is reflected in my home by the constant puffing up of cushions every time someone stands up lol! 

My home is not perfect but I like that, I like that my walls are a little lumpy, that my wood floors have the odd scratch and imperfection, it shows age, life and character. Like me, I'm not perfect but I accept that and like the fact that it's all part of who I am.

So what about you? Is your home reflective of your personality and things you embody? Look at your home as if it was a person and describe it. Can you find similarities between yourself and your home? Is it neat and tidy and a little rigid? Is it more relaxed and free, colourful and bright or muted and calm? How does your home smell, is there a signature scent, like the perfume you wear?

Could someone connect your home with you? A little like 'Through the Keyhole'...I loved that programme, knowing a celebrity and trying to guess who they were by looking into their home.

Does that make you want to tweak or work on things about who you are or how your home looks and feels, or are you at total ease with how they both align? Are there any aspects that surprise you but actually make you realise something about yourself that hadn't been so evident to you before?

Something that surprised me was how the feminine and masculine side of my personality were really expressed in my home and how it was a little more feminine than I would have imagined. 

I know I have tried to become more relaxed in my need for perfection in everything that I do. I've tried to worry less about the dust particles on my glass hob when the sun shines through, even though I wiped it clean the night before lol. I've accepted that things can't always be kept in perfect order and won't necessarily go to plan and that actually that's really okay.

So take a look at how your home expresses your personality and whether it offers any enlightenment. You may just not think about your home in that way and think there's no correlation, but it may be interesting to give it some thought ;)

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I hope you've enjoyed this article.

With love...Amina x